Keeping up the Sun (50,000+ words): Alice Brayon's number one goal in life is to be perfect. With her magic powers, this isn't hard. She can zap her hair perfectly straight, her face flawless, and her clothes wrinkle-free. But when she meets a certain Johnny Klee, she starts to realize that maybe there are more important things in life than getting an A+ on every test. Like this boy. How far will Alice go to prove that she loves him?
Status: Finished. Editing.

Shattered (35,000): After living in New York City for her whole life, 18-year-old Sammi's life becomes too much for her to handle and she leaves everyone and everything behind to move to the Middle-of-Nowhere, Montana. But though this small town seems innocent enough, when Sammi attends a town meeting to protest against a town park being replaced by a mall, something happens that will change her and four other people's lives forever.
Status: Almost done.

Water (Which won't actually be the name. I just can't think of anything yet.) (28,000): Set 20 years in the future. Life is pretty much the same... except that they all live on boats.
Status: Either almost done or half done. I'm still deciding whether or not to include ____________ and _________.