Friday, January 28, 2011

The Write Song

Haha, do you get it? It's the right song, but it's also the write song!
Okay, maybe that's not that funny.
But, for me at least, listening to music that is connected to whatever I'm writing really helps me figure out how the characters are feeling.
For example, I'm pretty sure Taylor Swift has read the book I'm writing my first draft of. Every single one of the songs on Speak Now can relate to my book (or its unwritten) sequel in some way. Seriously.
(PS, I'm so glad I didn't post this earlier because I found something out tonight! Everybody probably knows this already, but I've always wondered why in her lyric books, there are random capitalized letters. It turns out, it's not so random! The capitalized letters spell out a secret message. So cool!)
Sometimes, a song that is totally unrelated to what I'm writing can help too. I got the free song of the week from iTunes the other night. It's called 1,000 Faces and it's by Randy Montana. I really like it which is weird because usually the free songs on iTunes aren't really my kind of songs. Anyway, it inspired a totally unrelated chapter! Weird, but it was a chapter at least.
I usually make a playlist for every book when I get halfway through and I realize that I have at least 3 songs that relate to it. Which means that I have a lot of playlists. And they usually don't even get listened to. But making the playlists is fun!
You know what else helps me write? Staring at snow. And that's pretty easy to do because this year my town is becoming land-of-endless-snow. I love snow, but I'm kind of jealous of the people who live in LA and have temperatures above 50.
Do you have songs that you like to write to? Tell me! Please!

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